Slade Farm/Sherberton Pony Stud Reunion

The purpose of this resource is to honour the memory of the late Mrs Mildred Coaker, former inhabitant of Sherberton Pony Stud and eventually, Slade Farm, Hexworthy, Dartmoor - and to provide a focus for the many people who enjoyed holidays there from the 1950s - until 1976.

2018 Forest Inn June Reunionette

An impromptu meet at the Forest Inn. Pics by Janey

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2017 Reunion

The June 2017 Reunion,
predominantly at the Newly OPEN, Forest Inn. Cream Teas were also consumed at Badger's Holt . . . .

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Respite Reunionette December 2016

Respite Reunionette - December 2016 (All pics by Chris . . .)

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Reunion 2016 Mk 2 (September)

Reunion 2016 Mk 2 . . (Cream Teas are not shown - out of consideration for those Dieters amongst us)

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2014 Reunion

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2013 Reunion

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2012 Reunion

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SLADE July 2014

I have given this its own folder so you don't stumble across it by accident . . . . . . There may be mixed feelings among you as to whether or not you want to see Slade other than the way you remember it. Indeed, I was unsure how I felt when Peter kindly invited me to visit in July of 2014.
In my case, I should not have worried. Slade has grown - as we all have - and there was much to fondly remember as well as alterations that are definate improvements. So all in all - an old friend that I was very pleased to see again . . . .

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Coombestone Panorama

Just ONE picture in here. Its a panorama taken just below the Tor on the Slade side. 14 pictures stitched together.
Use the arrow keys to pan left or right, a screenful at at time. It DOESN'T scroll all the way round.
Quite a good idea of what its like up on the Moors . . . .

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The Way We Were

This is how we looked - before we got "distinguished-looking"

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Gill's Riding Book 1964

If you stayed at Slade between March 27th and August 27th 1964, and you "rode", then your name will be in here, together with "Who" you rode, and When . . .

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From Gill Hyatt

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8mm Frame-grabs

These are 8mm frame-grabs from Yvonne Arrow's 1976 Cine Film

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Dartmoor Pony Show Brimpts 1970

Dartmoor Pony Show at Brimpts - August 1970
Thanks to Sue Martin for providing this (Sept 2016)

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Sherberton Eighth Annual Draft Sale 1970

Sherberton Draft Sale September 1970
Thanks to Sue Martin for providing this (Sept 2016)

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Sherberton Nineth Annual Draft Sale 1971

Sherberton Darft Sale - August 1971
Thanks to Sue Martin for providing this (Sept 2016)

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Holne Gymkhana 1964

Thanks to Lena Brattström for the contents of this Album.
This is absolutely Priceless in the Memory Stakes for those who went along . . . .

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Winter on the Moors

For those of us with rose-tinted glasses (Like Me!), who would love to live on the Moors - Here's the flip-side to those Summers we remember so fondly. Here is a world of "impassability", short days and long nights of COLD. REAL chances of being "snowed-in" and running out of supplies. But breathtakingly Beautiful, nevertheless . . .

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From Paul Dyke

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Sherberton Pony Sales 1960s

Pony Sales Catalogues for the 1960s, Two complete, One, only a double-sided page. Precise Years unknown. Original Foolscaps thanks to Jenny Reeves.

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From Jenny Reeves

MOST photos here by Jenny Reeves - unless otherwise credited . . .

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From Barbara Hoes

From Barbara Hoes - Early Slade years

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From Barbara Hoes - The 1940s (Sherberton)

From Barbara Hoes - The 1940s - The Sherberton Years

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